A Classic Eid Collection by So Kamal Awaits You!

A Classic Eid Collection by So Kamal Awaits You!

Upcoming Eil-ul-Fitr - A Reason to Rejoice

The holy month of Ramadan is looked forward to by all muslims. It is a month of fasting, to do good things and at the end of it comes the much awaited Eid. The colorful festival is meant to celebrate life and thank Allah for all the blessings. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Pakistan and dressing up for the occasion is a big part of it, especially for women. At this time of the year, Pakistani brands ready to wear collections sell like crazy, launching their Eid editions. The new arrivals disappear in an instant, such is the demand. 

Although the Covid-19 outbreak has definitely left its impact, nevertheless, Eid is being celebrated in its full spirit. It gives us a reason to be happy and we all need these reasons at this time more than ever. So enjoy the festival as it’s meant to be. And dress up, even if it is for ourselves only or for a socially distanced gathering. 

Ready Made Clothing

We understand that women remain too busy during the entire month of Ramzan, preparing sehri and iftar. They hardly get the time to shop and for them women’s ready to wear dresses are a saviour. Knowing that you have a brand out there that will have the perfect eid special dress for you is quite a relief and many women go for this option, instead of rushing to tailors. 

So Kamal fans know they can count on us to find their special Eid outfit. All you have to do is explore the collection from the comfort and safety of your home and order it. The package arrives at your doorstep. Another benefit of shopping from a brand you trust is that your shopping becomes all the more easy, because you know your size and know that you will get your money’s worth. So without any further ado, let's see what we have for you this Eid. 

So Kamal Launches a Magnificent Eid Collection 2021

Looking for your Eid outfits? You are at the right place, so search no more. Just in time for the special occasion, So Kamal has unveiled its diverse and absolutely stunning collection of luxury clothing. It offers everything you can expect from an Eid collection. It is special, fancy and designed keeping in mind women of all tastes and ages. Therefore, you are bound to find something special to wear when you shop from us. But be sure to shop in time, because the best eid dresses are the first ones to go.

Ethnic Wear

This is the time to celebrate our Islamic festival, so many people prefer to dress up accordingly in the traditional attire. Both women and men, in fact even children, dress up in ethnic attires. You will find women opting for a more eastern look and shopping for ethnic peshwas, frocks, angrakhas and garaas. If you are also looking for such clothing, we have you covered.

In our festive clothing collection, you can find all these. The fancy pieces are  embellished with zardozi, gota or tilla to add the festive touch in line with the occasion. The shalwar kameez or shirts are decorated with intricate embroideries and the finishing touch is the elegant dupatta. The dupattas are in organza, silk or net to add a bit more of the fancy touch. Materials used are grip, cotton, lawn and silk. 

Dress like a Goddess

Select any piece from the fresh luxury clothing and look like a goddess. Not only are they made from the finest materials, but special care has been taken to give women the perfect tailoring and cuts, so that when you wear them you feel like they have been made just for you. Exude elegance and make heads turn as you carry the glorious attire to perfection. Do not forget to enhance it with accessories and elegant footwear.

Embroidered Clothing

Women always love wearing embroidered shirts at formal occasions. And how can our Eid collection 2021 be complete without it. You can find delicate needlework and ethnic motifs filled with colorful embroideries set against plain backgrounds that make the outfit come alive. Find beautiful floral and geometric embroideries further enhanced with touches of lace, zari, tilla and organza to give the outfit the fancy look women desire at festive occasions. The result is mind-blowing. These embroideries can be found on cotton clothing, silk, lawn cloth and other fabrics. Explore the collection to take your pick. 

Simple and Elegant Style

Not everyone wants to dress fancy, some want a minimalist look and want to dress up simple. Some women may put comfort above style. As mentioned earlier, So Kamal has something for everyone. If you are looking for cotton clothing for women, you can check our casual cotton dresses for a more relaxed style or see the formal cotton dresses in both subtle and bold colors for party wear. The options are endless and all equally attractive. It will have you in two minds as to which dress to go for! So shop keeping in mind the style you want and of course your budget. 

Spectacular Variety

You can shop for single shirts, 2 piece formal dresses or 3 pieces from the Eid Edition’21. In pret wear, check the fusion tops, paste printed collection and the embroidered luxury pieces. In the unstitched category, you will find premium Ali Xeeshan dresses, embroidered ones and also paste printed clothes. 

Do not forget, So Kamal has also launched its new line of menswear, so perhaps you can shop for the entire family and be ready for Eid. 

Covid Impact & Online Shopping

In normal times, women's ready to wear stores are flooded when Eid approaches and there is utter chaos if you shop at the last moment. But this year, due to the coronavirus people are mostly opting to shop online, which is a sensible choice and one So Kamal also recommends. Our online traffic has witnessed a rise in online traffic and  not to mention the sales as well. We have made sure that our site is easy to navigate and has all the new arrivals. New dresses are updated as soon as they arrive. Size charts are given for your convenience against all the outfits, along with detailed descriptions and pictures of the dress from every angle. All this has been done to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. We are also making sure that you get your parcel in time.

So happy Eid shopping to you all and stay safe.