Spring Summer 2021 Collection For The Festive Season

Spring Summer 2021 Collection For The Festive Season

Spring obsession with lawn and florals is going nowhere! Just like flowers blooming in spring, designers start unfolding their latest creations & fresh summer clothes for women. For the fashion savvy, it is never too early to start shopping. This time it is all the more special because it brings with it Eid festivities and aren’t we all waiting desperately for some happy times.

Season of Celebration

Spring is a season dedicated to the beauty of nature. A time when the golden sun lights up the sky, the light breeze starts whispering with green trees and flowers open up to absorb nature’s blessings and dance to it’s tune. The beautiful butterflies start dancing around the flowers, unable to stay away from their beauty’s power. It is a season of love, dance, youth and beauty. Not to forget...about celebration! So Kamal welcomes the celebrations with luxury clothing apt for the special times.

Spring/Eid Offerings

This is all what designers have tried to capture in their new offerings and bring for you an exquisite Eid collection designed to impress. The new collection comes with a bang, will all its color and glory. The trends it brings along are quite inspiring and therefore here to stay! So without wasting any more time let us see what is in store for fashionistas this season, so you can start your Eid dresses online shopping.

What’s So Special?

The latest Eid clothing is sure to make you fall in love with it. You must be wondering what is so special about it? Well, the special thing is that the much-awaited collection brings to you some fresh trends and quality clothing, be it unstitched clothing or elegant ready to wear outfits. One thing you are sure to get is comfort with style and it makes the whole package simply awesome. What more can you ask for? And that is not all. For the first time ever, after the success of women's wear, So Kamal brings you Eid menswear, which is not to be missed!

Luxury Collection Featuring Embroidered Clothing

The craze for embroidered shirts or embroidered pants doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Infect, with time it is getting more popular than ever. People in our part of the world are in love with all kinds of thread work and beautiful motifs in wonderful designs, in fact the obsession with embroideries has reached a new height. There has been so much experimentation by designers and brands when it comes to needle work, the result is it keeps getting better and better.

In luxury clothing, we have seen so much innovation and witnessed creations that are masterpieces in their own right. These luxurious ensembles speak of elegance and grace. So if you are wondering about your Eid al Fitr clothing, think no more. Explore our dresses, which will help you make up your mind.

Embroidered Formals - Your Best Friends for Special Times

You will specially see embroidered work on semi-formals and formal summer clothing. These pieces which have embroideries and embellishments add a decorative flair to the outfit and make for ideal silhouettes to be worn on special occasions and events. Of course they are a little pricey as well, but you can indulge in a bit of luxury treatment once in a while. We suggest you should definitely invest in some of these killer pieces and add them as a secret weapon in your summer wardrobe. If you do have an important event in the near future, do not even think about looking for luxury clothing brands. They might rip you off and won’t give you your money’s worth. Instead pick an embroidered piece and spruce it up with some nice accessories.

All New Men Collection

Yes, we are catering to men as well. Find fantastic men’s Eid clothing because we are ready with our new collection just in time for the festive season. Since women loved our exclusive aesthetically designed clothes, we thought it was about time that men were given a bit of special treatment too. 

So when you are out there doing online dress shopping, you can shop not only for yourself but also for the men in your life. Find beautifully crafted shalwar kameez and kurtas with flawless finishes and traditional touches. At the time of Eid men want to wear ethnic outfits which look just right for Eid and are comfortable as well. Now, men also have a lot of choices in terms of colors, styles and designs. You can find Eid dress for men of your choice in good quality fabric and unique colors from bold shades to neutrals. 

Make Some Noise with Your Eid Dress

It is not so cool, when women have to make fashion sacrifices or compromise because of weather demands. That is why a lawn dress is a must-have and why the fabric makes its presence felt in such a big way every summer. It is everywhere to be seen on almost all online clothing stores and is an essential part of women’s regular as well as fancy wear.  So let's beat the heat in an uber cool way and give our favorite lawn a chance to give us style and comfort this coming Eid.

Feel Good in Whatever You Wear

Sure you can get a lot of variety to wear in summers, but the point is are these dresses comfortable and most importantly do you feel good in them. What is the point of wearing a nice trendy dress only to feel out of place in it. That is the kind of shopping we need to avoid. Don’t waste your bucks on pieces that look good in pictures only, they should be able to make you feel good as well. 

So how do you know which dress will make you feel good when you're doing women’s clothing online shopping. Simple! It should be the one that is more of you, that has personality and in which you won’t feel awkward. For example if short shirts are not your style, do not get them only because they are in or the model seems to be looking great in it. Instead go for a medium or long length shirt that will make you feel confident and make you feel as if you own the world. Having confidence will empower you and clothes play a vital role in making you feel great. And So Kamal best knows how to create such ensembles.

Stay safe and shop online from our stunning Eid collection.