So Kamal Launches it’s Menswear 2021 Edition


In recent years, Pakistani men have become quite fashion savvy. They know what look they want and how to create their own style. Just as women fashion brands have multiplied, we see men's fashion design being given equal importance by designers. 

An All-New Collection for Men

Fashion powerhouse So Kamal is on a roll! It has a strong footing when it comes to womenswear and with its fabulous creations has taken away a major chunk of the apparel market. Now it is pushing its business forward and expanding its fanbase by catering to men as well. The fashion boutique recently launched a new line for menswear and needless to say it is as classy as you can expect from the brand. So Kamal is already known for its quality so you need not worry about not getting your money’s worth. Log in and explore the new arrivals making news in the Pakistani fashion scene.

Eid Menswear

Are you wondering what to wear this Eid? Try something new in men's designer wear. Did you know So Kamal has introduced the hottest new unstitched collection for men. The new launch comes right in time for the festive occasion of Eid. So all you men out there, you have a new place to shop from. The exclusive range features the finest fabrics and the price range is economical as well. If you are looking for unstitched suits online log in to So Kamal and explore the remarkable variety laid out for you. You will need to book your orders quickly, because Eid is fast approaching and best pieces go first.

Colorful Variety


Why should women have all the fun with colors? There are more colors for men than just the shades of blue, grey and browns. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the fresh colors So Kamal brings for you. If you want to stick to neutrals and be safe, then there is ample variety and for the daring ones we have you covered as well. Get a little crazy this Eid and try bright, cheerful colors too. Going over the top once in a while is good, especially when you feel like it. Don’t worry about being too loud, you can always tone it down with a white shalwar or trouser. 

Subtle and Neutral Shades Always Work


While it is great to experiment with colors for a change, mind you, neutrals aren’t boring either. The good thing about colors that are not too overpowering is that they are easy to mix and match and can be worn on all occasions. Plus, you can never go wrong with them. So a neutral wardrobe is essentially self-working and thus can be cost-efficient also.

Perfect Eid Dress for Men


Mostly men wear shalwar kameez or kurtas on Eid, and this has become more of a tradition. Even small boys are seen in cute little shalwar kameez and ethnic outfits which look super cute. Brands launch special men Eid clothing collections as there is an overwhelming demand for them. Some like the embroidered shirts and some stick to plain ones. For your eid dress you can add a bit of embellishment, it can be in the form of fancy buttons, a light embroidery on the ban or a bit of piping to give it a more special and festive feel. Stylize it with a pocket on the front or any kind of cut. The best thing about unstitched is that you get to create your own look and you can decide how fancy or sober you want the outfit to be.

Style it the Way You Love

The unstitched category we have is quite versatile. Pick your favorite fabric and make a kurta pajama or kurta shalwar, it all depends on your personal choice. There are no rules and you can always make or break a rule. 


You can either have a two piece suit in one color or if you think the shirt color is too bright or want a kurta designed then perhaps a white lower will be better suited. Kurta for men is a popular choice and often preferred by the young ones, while the old ones often go for subtle and graceful shades. You can pair these kurtas with trousers, pajamas or shalwars.

One favorite outfit of men is white kurta pajama or shalwar and it is a must have piece in every Pakisani men’s outfit. It is a hot favorite because it looks cool in the hot summers and also is a very practical piece that can be worn on any occasion. Just as white is one staple, another one that men love wearing is black. Black kurta for men has always been a bestseller, because it looks masculine and sophisticated as well. 


When it comes to fabric, So Kamal is a name you can blindly trust. So Kamal is offering Dobby and blended fabric for now. The meters are detailed in front of the pictures, so you know exactly what you are getting. Our luxury menswear features premium quality that is comfortable to wear and the fabric feels cool next to the skin. The fall of the cloth gives the perfect fit and makes you look sophisticated. We use pure fabric that doesn’t fade away with frequent washes. The colors are fast, the materials rich and the fabric smooth against the skin. All these little details add to give the perfect finishing when you have the unstitched piece tailored. If you are seeking class and comfort, this is the place to shop from. 


So Kamal is fast growing and the new launch is a welcome addition, already gaining a lot of attention. It seems it is on its way to become another success story for the brand. So Kamal has nailed it when it comes to maintaining quality standards and giving customers what they want. Check out the new line for men and you will keep coming back for more.